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What’s about PinApp?

View all Photos


  • of Photo Album on iPad
  • of iPhoto or Aperture on your Mac

Organize Photos


  • Create folders and albums
  • Copy, move or remove photos
  • Import photos from Aperture or iPhoto



  • View on a large map
  • Place or move
  • Find locations with built-in search function



  • View and Export EXIF data and more

View photos of the Photos App on the iPad:

  • Browse through Albums, Events, Faces, Saved Photos, Last Import or Photostream
  • Tap a photo to show fullscreen and hide browser
  • Swipe photos to go to the next/previous
  • Display Metadata (EXIF, TIFF, ...)
  • Share photos with metadata (GPS) included

Geo-tags of photos on the iPad

  • See geo-tagged photos at a glance: a red pin in the left navigation bar
  • The biggest part of the screen shows the photo‘s location with a pin
  • The map also features satellite or hybrid view
  • Use your fingers to zoom or move the map‘s view

To place a geo-tag:

  • One tap to the left of a photo places a pin in the middle of the current map view - this comes very handy when the map already shows the location of the previous photo
  • or hold your finger on the map for a second - the pin is placed here

Find locations:

  • Tap on the search bar at the upper right
  • Enter a city or place, even full addresses will be recognized
  • PinApp moves the map to the found location
  • Add bookmarks or use your address book for easy access

View photos stored in iPhoto or Aperture on the Mac

  • Works with latest version of iPhoto '11
  • Works with latest (and last) Aperture v3.6
  • On Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later, El Capitan included
  • On the same local network (WLAN)
  • Browse through Albums, Events and Faces
  • Photos can be viewed fullscreen (NEW IN V2)
  • Metadata can be displayed (EXIF, TIFF, ...)

For this feature, PinApp needs a small program to communicate with. Download the free PinAppServer (about 2 MB) and install it on your Mac.