Intro & Mission

TurboTool is a Drag & Drop and Service tool hiding the power of UNIX under a user-friendly graphical frontend. It works on all versions of Mac OS X after 10.3 (Panther)!

The Mission: I am absolutely convinced that every user of Mac OS X will derive benefit from TurboTool, because it is so highly customizable that you will save minutes of your time every day!

Whether it is a simple job like 'Open this file with this application', or a more complex one like 'Update this file on my homepage', or 'Use Grab to make a snapshot from the screen and open it in GraphicConverter' - there are jobs we all do every day and we do it by hand and don't let the computer do its job.

TurboTool may be
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Please have a look at the Quick Examples section of this site to see what you may expect from TurboTool.

Last update: April 29, 2004