What is a FileWell?

Everywhere in TurboTool and other FileWell products you will find a FileWell:


Well, it's not looking very powerful. Let's drop an icon onto it:


To fill the FileWell you may also click onto the border to get an Open Panel:


If you Control-Click on the FileWell you will see the context menu with the FileWell's operations and history:


A separate history browser is also available (multi-selections may be expanded):


As a shortcut to open the files on the FileWell an editable list of applications is also part of the context menu:


If you don't have a two-button-mouse you will like this: you may toggle a context button, which when clicked gives you quick access to the context menu, without pressing the Control key:

OpenWith  <—>  OpenWith

To toggle the context button, please Control-Command-Click once on the FileWell.

Last update: April 29, 2004