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Infrared modules

To use the full potential of iRed2 you perhaps want to add an infrared (IR) transceiver, i.e a module which can transmit and receive IR codes.

This allows you to control many kinds of devices from your Mac, including all audio/video/dvd/whatever, but also blinds or motorized projection screens, electric ovens, etc., provided they respond to IR signals. 

While we cannot guarantee the compatibility with every single device, we are pretty sure to support 98% of all devices. However, please note that the compatibility depends on the IR module! There are special brands like Bang&Olufson, which use uncommon IR frequencies. The IRTrans HF (high frequency) modules are built just for these exotic devices. Please contact for details.


Supported IR modules

Currently, iRed2 supports all kinds of IRTrans USB or LAN modules including the new WiFi modules. Since V2.1 iRed2 supports the IR database built into some models. Also with 2.1 support for GlobalCaché's network adapters GC-100 and iTach has been added.

If you want to use your IRTrans module directly from your iPhone or iPod touch - even without a Mac being involved - please consider to purchase the LAN module. With the application "iRedTouch" for iPhone, a direct connection to these modules is possible. In contrary, USB modules always require a Mac running in the background.


Multiple Modules

You can connect multiple USB and/or LAN modules to iRed. You can then configure, where IR signals are transmitted from (say: in the living room, in the kitchen), and iRed can distinguish from where a IR signal is received. This gives you all possibilities to set up complex installations.


Support for other brands of IR modules?

Not yet. IRTrans and Global Caché offer a really versatile range of IR adapters, so there won't be a new brand in the game, soon.


Serial Modules

Starting with iRed2 V2.1 you can transmit serial "RS232" strings through certain modules. Currently this includes IRTrans modules with optional serial adapter, and GC-100 with built-in serial output. iTach WF2SL or IP2SL has not yet been tested.


Apple IR Receiver

Built into most modern Macs with the exception of the Mac Pro, you'll find an IR receiver which is used in conjunction with the provided Apple Remotes. Though, the IR receiver is blind to all other kinds of IR codes coming in, so there is no chance to use it with other remotes. However, because there are 256 slightly different Apple Remotes, you may use as many Apple Remotes which are distinguished by iRed2 as well! Please see this PDF for some details.


No Apple IR Receiver built-in?

If your Mac does not have an IR receiver built in and you desperately wants this, you may be interested in a DIY solution. It's cheap and requires no fiddling with the innards of your Mac, just a little USB cable soldering. See here: Apple IR Project. (thanks to David A. for this hint). The hardware is available from PowerbookMedic, for example.


IRTrans USB wants to register as a modem device?

Please ignore this, or remove the respective entry from the System Preferences Network pane. This is a problem of the USB driver and can't be circumvented, unfortunately.


Use older built-in IR ports with iRed2?

No chance, I am sorry.