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Action Editor

Since V1.5 the action editor has been improved massively:

  • More kinds of actions: IR Code, Pause, URL, Jump to Remote
  • Copy/Paste actions, even between remotes
  • Create and edit macros
  • Test actions from within the editor


Learning IR Codes

The firstmost use of iRedTouch is to transmit IR, so the learning of IR codes is the default action on a new remote. If you have created the button layout and go on to the "Codes & Actions" section, all buttons are "yellow", meaning that no action has been set. This turns to red when you put action into place.

To simply learn all codes onto the buttons, tap "Learn All" and be prepared to hold the original remote in your hand. iRedTouch will show a button highlighted:

Press the requested button on your remote, and as soon as iRedTouch has learned the code, the selection moves forward:

You can "Stop!" the learning assistant at any time, however it may take up to 5 seconds until it really stops. When you have learned all codes, all buttons are now in red:

To test any code, you select the button, then "Test" at the toolbar:

If the code does not what you expect, you may have to re-learn it. Tap "Learn" to learn just this one selected code.

If the code won't work, please see the manual "Advanced IR Code learning and editing (tbd)".


Copy IR Code from other remote

Say you want to copy a code from a remote which you have already filled with IR codes. That's easy:

  1. Within Codes & Actions, use two fingers to swipe left or right to the remote with the code to be copied
  2. Select the button with the IR code
  3. Tap "Copy" on the toolbar
  4. Swipe back to the first remote
  5. Select the button where the code should be pasted
  6. Tap "Paste" on the toolbar

These screenshots shows step #2 and #6:

If the button already has an action set, you'll got this dialog:

In this example I choose "Paste after", because I want to add the code after the already existing one. The button now shows a different selection with a square, meaning "has multiple actions", or "has macro":

With sharp eyes you'll see two slight differences to a single IR Code action:

The action title "IR Code" is now blue and can be tapped, and you two circles at right meaning two actions on this button. This control is like the one on the iDevice's home screen: You can tap left or right to advance to the next action in the list.

When you tap the action title "IR Code" now, you come to the "Macro" overview:

You see all IR code actions in the right order. Tap the icons to edit the respective action

Now we want to add a pause action in the middle, so we select the first icon .... then tap the "+" icon on the toolbar to add a new action. A dialog asks whether we ewant to replace the existing action or add the action after or before the current action:

We choose "Add after" here. The next dialog asks for the kind of new action:

We choose "Pause", and a new pause action is ready to be edited:

To see all parts of this macro, tap "Pause":

If you want to remove an action, tap the "Delete" button on the toolbar. Depending on the selection you will be asked what to delete:

To delete one action from within a macro, first select the action, then tap "Delete".


Kind of Actions

In the dialog above you have already seen all available kinds of actions:

  • IR Code
  • Jump To ...  - another remote
  • Pause - ... for a certain amount of time
  • Call URL - sends a URL to a device or open Safari with this URL


If you choose "Jump To..." this will immediately open the remotes list to chose the target remote:

You can also choose a "online remote" shared by iRed2. These are distinguishable by their grey titles. Select a remote, tap "Choose", and the jump action is configured:


Call URL actions are a means to control certain devices which understands URL commands. These are mostly devices for home automation.

This screenshot shows a newly created URL action with a typical URL entered:

To make editing easier - I know, it's a pain to enter lengthy URLs -, you may store a URL on the internal clipboard. Tap "Store" and get this list of placeholders to store the current URL:

If you later want this URL back, say to only change "on" to "off", create a new URL action, tap "Recall" and you're done.