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If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch:

  • Put your infrared remotes into your mobile device
  • Connect to an Infrared LAN module on your local Wi-Fi network - see supported modules below
  • No PC/Mac required, learn and transmit all IR codes of your remotes
  • Browse online repositories with remotes, or share your remotes with others

If you have a Mac:

  • Connect to iRed2 on your Mac to use an IRTrans USB module
  • Control applications on your Mac like PowerPoint, Keynote or media apps like iTunes or DVD Player


iRedTouch 1.10 is available on the App Store. (also in German)



What do I need?

  1. An iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 8.3 or later (*) or on the iPad, but only in "zoomed" mode (**).
  2. If you have an iPad, please consider iRedTouch HD for iPad!
  3. Wireless network at home to connect to (no access through cellular networks!)
  4. An infrared LAN module, that is an infrared transmitter/receiver which is connected by cable or WiFi to your network
  5. Any remote you wish to "virtualize"
  6. A digital camera or a scanner to take a picture of your remote
  7. iTunes on PC or Mac to transfer the picture to the iPhone or iPod Touch


What infrared (IR) modules are supported?

  • All IRTrans LAN modules, including the new WiFi module, the LAN Controller and HF (high frequency) modules to be used with B&O (Bang & Olufson) devices. Serial output and contact closures ("relays") are supported for certain modules.
  • IRTrans USB modules can not be used directly, but only by using iRed2 on a Mac (see FAQ)
  • Global Caché network adapter, including models of the GC-100 series and the iTachSerial output and contact closures are now supported!


Please visit the Gallery for lots of screenshots.

How does it work step by step?

quick start video shows the full process from starting iRedTouch up to a working "virtualized" remote, using an iTach module.

The second video shows creation of a new remote using an IRTrans LAN module

More detailed instructions are to be found in the manual.


Problems? Questions?

There is a Troubleshooting section and a Support page, where you find a mail addrees for inquiries.