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Add Infrared (IR) Module

To enable iRedTouch to transmit IR codes to your equipment, you'll need to add an IR Module. Please see the previous chapter for the supported modules.

In this example I'll show you how to add an IRTrans module and an iTach module. (GC-100 very similar)

Add IRTrans Module

Go to the settings page by tapping the "wrench" button:

You see that I have already 3 modules configured. Well, it's a funny testbed here at tin:b ;-)

Tap Add Module ... then choose IRTrans:

In the next step enter a name for the module, then the IP address, which has to be static! Please see the IRTrans manual for details.

After the IP has been entered, tap Done on the keyboard. The module is beeing connected, which may take some seconds:

After connetion is established, you may set some specific values of your IRTrans model. Most models don't have an external LED, but some have up to 16 external LED connectors and/or other connectors. Mine is a LAN Controller which sports 4 LEDs and 4 relays (aka "contact closures") as well:

To check whether you have configured the right module, tap Identify Module:

The module will flash its red LED for some seconds.

Add iTach module (or GC-100)

Go to the settings page by tapping the "wrench" button:

You see that I have already 3 modules configured.

Tap Add Module ... then choose iTach or GC-100, respectively:

On the next page you only have to tap "Read Module Data...". The iTach and other GC modules are sending a so-called "beacon messages" and announce their data. This is done at least every minute, so it may take up to one minute, until the data is retrieved by iRedTouch:

iRedTouch is waiting ...

Done! The missing data is filled in, even the number of external LEDs is found. If you have a special module, you may have to manually change that number:

If you have more than one module, you may set this module as the default IR transmitter and/or learner.

You can now tap "Identify Module" and the iTach/GC-100 will flash its LEDs:

If you'd rather have a GC-100 module, only make sure that the number of connectors has been filled in correctly after module data has been read. Here's the settings of my GC-100-12:

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