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Set / Remove Pins

Quickstart <Navigation> Map Handling

The pins on the map denote the geotags of your photos.

You move the map to find the location where a photo was taken, then you assign this location to the photo.

You can also use the map to see where you have taken photos. Select a pin on the map to show the photo in the photos list.

In Version 2.0 the pin buttons have been moved to the toolbar:

map buttons

From left to right it's:

  • Set pin
  • Remove pin
  • Zoom map to show all pins of the selected photos or the current album
  • Change map style from standard to hybrid to satellite
  • Search field for addresses
  • Button to access the address book and bookmarks list

How to set a pin

 07 pin set
  1. Select a photo
  2. Switch to the map page
  3. Move the map until the right location is under the crosshair cursor
  4. Tap on the pin button on top or besides the thumbnail photo onto the grey pin
  5. A red pin appears in the middle of the map
  6. A red pin appears besides the photo in the list

As an alternative you can set a pin by holding one finger on the desired location.

If you have set the "write metadata" option, the photo will be downloaded from the cloud, if neccessary. Then the app will ask you for allowance to modify the photo:


Photo selection

To select a single photo tap on the small thumbnail photo.

To select more photos, there are several options:

08.5 Selection Sections

  • To add a photo to the selection, tap the + button
  • To remove one photo from selection, tap the - button
  • To select all photos, use the button at the bottom
  • To extend the selection, tap the downward arrow: all photos from the currently selected photo above to the tapped photo are selected.

Please note: Tapping on the pin will set/remove a pin, but only if you are in Map mode!

Remove a Pin


  • Select a photo
  • Tap the remove button in the toolbar

Move a Pin

  1. Select a photo
  2. Move the map until the new photo location is beneath the crosshair cursor
  3. Tap the pin button in the toolbar

The geotag is changed accordingly.

Pin Colors

red-pinRed pins denote geotags for single photos. Tapping on a red pin shows the callout above the pin with some basic photo infos (or with the image title if one is given), and the photo is selected in the photos list on the left.

purple-pinPurple pins denote multiple photos taken at the same location. Tapping a purple pin shows the number of photos behind the pin and selects all respective photos in the photos list.

Zooming out the Map

If you have zoomed out all the way, the pins are grouped together, so a single purple pin may denote all photos taken in a whole city, e.g:


Quickstart <Navigation> Map Handling