Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

PinApp - Geo-Tag your Photos, whether on iPad or in iPhoto!

Flype - The world in your Hand

  • Your iPhone as a 3D mouse
  • Flype the world in 3D
  • Use and share your favorite places online
  • EarthGlider for Mac OS X Leopard(s) as a free companion app
  • Now on the App Store


  • Brings infrared to the iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Connects to iRed2 to use IR modules connected to the Mac
  • Connect directly to IR LAN modules - without a Mac or PC!
  • Now available on the App Store


  • The dawn of the decimal time
  • 4 nice clock styles
  • All colors can be customized
  • Portrait or Landscape mode
  • Now on the App Store

Me & I - Meet your two Faces!

Mac OS X

iRed2 - Remotes for the rest of us 

  • Brand-new design
  • Multiple IR Modules support
  • Online control, best from the iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard

iRed Lite  . . . make the most of your Apple Remote

  • Control your Mac with your Apple Remote
  • Does not interfere with Front Row
  • It's free!

iRed  . . . and your Mac sees Infrared - Replaced by iRed2

  • Control your Mac with any infrared remote control
  • Browse your iTunes music library - from the sofa
  • Control your audio and video devices right from your Mac
  • Merge all your different remotes into your Mac

DeciTime  . . . it is now 08:79:65

  • The dawn of the decimal time
  • 1 day consists of 10 Dours
  • 1 Dour consists of 100 Dinutes
  • 1 Dinute consists of 100 Deconds
  • It's free!

TurboTool  . . . aaaaaaand «ACTION»!

  • Optimize your personal workflow
  • Hide UNIX behind Drag-and-Drop
  • Make the most of Mac OS X Services
  • Not supported anymore! Please see Automator by Apple for this purpose.


  • Copying of document icons made easy
  • Simple assignment of your favorite icons
  • Replaces the tedious icon copy/paste in the Finder
  • It's free!

Last update: March 7, 2010