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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for answering some questions which were sent by e-mail. If you have a question which is not answered here, please feel free to send me an e-mail:

Q: Do I need a computer for iRedTouch to operate?

A: No! iRedTouch on your iPhone or iPod touch connects to the IR module directly through your network.

Q: What kind of networking do I need?

A: At first a Wi-Fi router, where the iPhone or iPod touch can connect to. Second a cabled network ("ethernet") where the IR module is connected to.

Q: Does iRedTouch works over cellular networks?

A: No, only on your local Wi-Fi network.

Q: What kind of IR modules are supported?

A: All kind of IRTrans Ethernet modules, including the LAN Controller and WiFi model, as well as network adapters by Global Caché, including the GC-100 series (with optional GC-IRL learner) and the new iTach. Serial output as well as sensors are not yet supported.

Q: What about IRTrans USB modules?

A: iRedTouch can not connect directly to an USB module. The only way by now is to install iRed2 on a Mac where the IRTrans is connected to. You may then use the remotes on the Mac to control the IRTrans. It is not possible (by now) to learn codes from iRedTouch this way. You need to learn codes on the Mac, create a remote with these codes and put the remote into the Online Favorites. Then all codes (including macros) are usable from within iRedTouch.

Q: Are macros possible?

A: Yes, since V1.5 you can create macros "one-by-one" with IR codes from different devices, with pauses and other actions. Please see this section in the manual.

Q: Can I duplicate the remotes from my iPhone to my iPod touch, etc.?

A: Yes. Please see the manual on "Backup and sharing remotes".

Q: Is there a way to "jump" between remotes?

A: Yes! Please visit the manual on the Action Editor to see how "Jump actions" can be created.


Q&A related to iRed2 on Mac

Q: Are macros and tuner actions on iRed2 copied to iRedTouch?

A: Yes, you can create a remote on iRedTouch using a template from iRed2 and all macros and tuner actions will be copied over.