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iLearn compatibility (for GC/iTach modules)

Sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to learn IR codes with the GC modules, especially the iTach module has a very small learner. For the PC world there has been always a tool called iLearn (made by Global Caché), which allows for learning with several more possibilities to optimize this process.

Fortunately, Martijn Rijnbeek has ported this tool to Mac OS X. Please visit his Martijn's page to download it.

Since iRed2 V2.2 you can easily copy/paste the iLearn data into iRed2. Here's how:

Use iLearn to learn an IR code:

(Please see Martijn's site for details on how iLearn works).

As "Save Format" you can use "Global Caché" or "GC Compressed".

When you have learned an IR code, press "Command-C" or choose "Copy" from the "Edit" menu.

In iRed2:

  • Open the Action Editor
  • Create a new IR code
  • Choose the "Advanced" section
  • Paste the code in, i.e. press "Command-V" or choose "Paste" from the "Edit" menu

Now press ENTER, and the code will be converted to iRed's internal format:

That's it! 

Please note that iLearn's settings for "Module" and "Connector" will be ignored by iRed. Instead, use the module and LED popup.