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Online Remotes (and Dropbox)

Besides the remotes stored locally on your iPad, you can also access remotes online. There are several possible sources:

To access the online section, tap the Online button at the bottom left:

Displayed is the default online section at the tinbert.com server.

You can display and use these remotes like the local ones, though downloading and rendering the remotes may take a moment on first access.

To access other onlines source, tap the Bookmarks button. A list of all your bookmarks is displayed, including one for your Dropbox:

If you have not yet configured your Dropbox, please go to the Settings panel. You even don't know what Dropbox is? It's a popular online storage ("cloud"), where you can store 2 GB of data for free! You can also buy more space, but to share remotes, 2 GB will be more than enough.

You can access the Dropbox from any web browser and there are also several apps for that. Go to the Dropbox website for the details.

iRedTouch HD will create a folder named "iRedTouch" in your Dropbox, where the remotes are stored in. In my web browser on the Mac, this folder looks like this:

You can see that remotes (with xml files) and plain images in certain formats are listed. This is very convenient to use an uploaded image as a background for a new remote.

You can also add your own servers, and this includes other iRedTouch (HD) apps running on your other iDevices. Tap Edit at the top of the bookmarks panel, then edit/add/remove bookmarks at your will. The Dropbox entry can not be removed:

If you find a remote which you want to use locally, tap the Share button in the title bar:

You can now decide whether you want to copy the whole remote with all codes, or only copy the background image to be used in a new remote.

You can also simply tap Copy to local at the bottom of the remotes list. The copied remote appears at the top of your local remotes:

There is another kind of online remotes, the iRed2 Remotes.

If you have a Mac with the application iRed2 running, you can share its "Online Favorites" to your local network. This gives you a lot more possibilities:

This screenshot shows two of my iRed2 remotes, one of them controls my iTunes directly on the Mac, the other uses the IR module connected to the Mac to control my stereo:

If you want to share one of your local remotes, tap the Share button. You can now upload to your Dropbox or share the remote by mail:

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