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Tap the Settings button to open this panel
The list of configured IR modules, sorted alphabetically.

You can turn on/off all modules or single modules by a tap on the checkmark.

Tap a module name to go to the module settings.

Tap Add Module ... to add a new module.

If you have a Mac with iRed2 running on your local network, you can connect to its shared remotes. Even multiple instances of iRed2 are supported!
This is the starting point to connect to your Dropbox.

If you don't have a Dropbox account, yet, you can even create one from inside the app.

Tap the Link button to start linking or creating a dropbox, tap Unlink to switch to another Dropbox account.

Remotes can be shared to other iRedTouch apps (see chapter Online Remotes), or even to any webbrowser.

The address will look like on the browser

This is a rather sophisticated feature for integration with home automation. Please see an upcoming chapter for details on that.
In general, the iPad will dim and sleep its display after a while. You configure this in the Settings app.

If you want to let the display stay on while in iRedTouch, switch off this automatic mode.

This will drain your battery, though.
Here are some options for remote button feedback.

If you tap a button, the remote image will "jump" to indicate the button touch, or you can configure one of five click sounds.

The click volume can also be adjusted, but this will depend on the iPad's overall volume setting.

This setting has currently no function.

On start, iRedTouch HD will always show you the remotes as you left it.

You can hide the status bar at the top of the screen

Play the click sound, as soon as all modules are online after a wake-up

Show the Connection Info panel when wakeing up from sleep or on app start

If you are having trouble with iRedTouch HD, please send me a mail. I probably will ask you to enter into Debug Mode, which will produce some log output which allows me to track down problems or bugs.


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