Purpose of Micon

On Mac OS X every file icon may be customized by you! The usual way by using the Finder is a little bit long-winded:

Using the Finder Using Micon
  1. Select the file with a nice icon in Finder
  2. Open the Inspector for this file (-I)
  3. Select the icon on the Inspector window
  4. Choose Copy from menu
  5. Select the file which should become a new icon
  6. Select the icon on the Inspector window again
  7. Paste the icon
  8. Finally that's it!
  1. Drag&Drop the target file onto Micon
  2. Micon activates and loads the target file
  3. Select a nice icon from the icon history popup
  4. Click "Set Icon", click the arrow or -S
  5. That's all!

If you decide to use the Info Panel of Finder instead, this process will take even longer. When you got several nice icons you want to use more often, this process may become tedious. If you want to change several files, you will have to repeat several steps again and again.

Micon will give you a much simpler and comfortable way. It was designed to only copy icons from one file or folder to another, so please don't expect too much. But this task does it very well.

How To Use Micon

This snapshot shows the situation before the icon is set:

On the left side - the Source - you see the icon which will be copied onto the right one - the Target.
Please note that Micon does not provide any icons by itself (*).
To place a nice icon onto the left side, please Drag&Drop an icon onto the square image area. This area is a so-called FileWell (**), which has several features behind its sleek design. For details see "this page", for now only a few quick tips:
If you have a collection of icons you want to use often, you will be happy with the History popup. This may look like this:

Simply select the desired icon from the popup to use it again as an icon source. The history is preserved between different sessions of Micon, so you may put your favorites in here. To manipulate the icon history, open the context menu in the FileWell area and choose History Browser from there:

Shortcuts for Power User

Have fun with this tool and send me any suggestions, bug reports and critics to                                                    

Sincerely, Robert

* Nice icons may be obtained for free from several sites. See this page for more links.

** FileWell was developed to be used in several products. Its first incarnation shows up in TurboTool, a Drag&Drop-Tool which hides the complexity of UNIX behind a graphical user interface. Please visit "" for details.
It is planned to provide FileWell as an Interface Builder object to other developers in the near future. Feel free to contact me at

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