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Philips hue support

Lately I bought a Philips hue "Personal Wireless Lighting" system at my local Apple Store. It's a quite expensive but very versatile "toy".

Of course, I bought it not only for my pleasure, but for YOURS ;-)

iRed Lite has become the first app which got support for hue: You can now control your Philips hue bulbs with your Apple Remote! There are some limitations currently (no groups e.g.), but this implementation will evolve and will improve with your kind feedback!

Of course, iRed2 and my iRedTouch products will get this nice feature, too.

Stay tuned!

Forum V2.0 online

Dear Forum user,

as I wrote before, the whole site has moved to a new server. During this major work which took some weeks I also wanted to fresh up the forum. The old one was based on Drupal (as the whole iRed* website), however, the Drupal forum is not very convenient to be used. It lacks several common features, especially tracking of posts and comments. So the new forum is completely new and based on the very common phpbb3 bulletin board software. Unfortunately there is no official way to migrate the Drupal forum to phpbb3, but I dived deeeeep into sql statements to migrate it by myself. Well, I hope that everything is running without problems.

There is only one minor problem: you have to create a new password. This could'nt be migrated, because the password is never stored in plain text anywhere. So if you want to login to the new forum, you have to reset your pasword:

After a few minutes you'll get a mail containing a link to reset the password and the new generated password. After logging in you can change the password in the User Control Center. There you can also choose a different language for the forum, and all the other profile settings. 

Please visit the new forum and tell me what you think.


Cheers, Robert back online

The whole website was relocated to a new server with a new server OS. This became necessary because of several attacks on my old server.

Now the website is online again and it looks like everything is working again. Only some minor bugs on the Flype site are still there - I'm working on it. If you encounter any problems, please drop me a note at

And, the Forum is finally online again, though it got a new address. Please see my next blog post for details on the forum. 

I had to disable user login and commenting on this site, but I hope that the new forum will fill this void.


Robert, tin:b Software

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