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You have a beautiful new Mac with a built-in Infrared sensor and an Apple Remote control? Front Row is not enough for your needs?

Then try out iRed Lite which pushes IR control to its limits!

  • Remote control any application by remote keystrokes
  • Call AppleScripts for finer control
  • Use your Apple Remote for iTunes, then for iPhoto, then ...
  • Use multiple Apple Remotes, one for Keynote, another one for VLC, ...
  • Teach your programmable RC to simulate multiple Apple Remotes

How does it work?

iRed Lite can be activated by holding down the Menu button on your Apple Remote. This window shows you what happens when you now press another button:

To switch to another layer, QuickTime e.g., simply hold MENU for a second, then navigate through the sections using the right/left buttons on your Apple Remote, then press MENU once again. That simple!

For your convenience iRed Lite may announce the selected section by Mac OS's speech synthesizer.


System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), or Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6.2 or later
  • Mac with built-in Infrared Sensor, e.g. Intel Mac mini (Server), previous MacBook(Pro)s, Intel iMacs, unfortunately no MacBook Air, no new MacBook Pro, no Mac Pros (!)
  • Apple Remote (which is sold separately from Apple), or Universal remote with Apple Remote codes learned

Legacy Version (PowerPC)

  • iRed Lite 1.0.2 (download:
  • Mac OS X 10.4.10 up to 10.6.2, Intel or PowerPC architecture

iRed Lite and Front Row?

No problem! You toggle between iRed Lite and Front Row by holding down Menu for a second - at any time.

What is iRed w/o "Lite"?

iRed2 is a very similar software "for all other Macs". You'll need the infrared transceiver module IRTrans (USB or LAN), though this device not only receives IR signals, but can transmit them too!

So you may not only control your Mac by IR but control all your HiFi, Video, or DVD devices from your Mac. Click the iRed logo on the left for details.

Release Notes

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